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TUBER UNCINATUM is a variety of Tuber aestivum and is distinguished by a more pronounced taste and aroma, due to the greater depth at which it grows. Its appearance is similar to Tuber aestivum, but the inside is a darker brown color and has a strong and pleasant aroma. It ripens from September to December and is distributed in Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Romania and other countries.


> A characteristic and pleasant fragrance that is a combination of earthy, spicy and slightly spicy scents > A delicate flavor that is considered suitable for a variety of culinary uses, especially in soups, sauces and pasta > It can be used in a variety of dishes, adding nuances and depth of flavor > Although rarer than the summer truffle, Tuber uncinatum is more widespread and more readily available than some other types of truffles > It can be found in autumn and early winter, making it an important element of the culinary scene during this period. > It has good compatibility with a variety of foods and ingredients, making it a popular choice for gourmet recipes

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