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“Fungorobica” was established as a Bulgarian-Italian company in 1991. We have over 30 years of experience in buying and processing wild mushrooms and truffles. From 2019 the company has 100% Bulgarian capital and is recognized as a certified and reliable partner and supplier of quality products for the European markets.

The company “Fungorobica – Bulgaria” Ltd. is certified according to ISO 22000:2005 by the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. Our food safety policy is built entirely according to the requirements of this standard. That is why we boldly claim that the Fungorobica brand is associated with high professionalism in the collection, processing and distribution of wild mushrooms. We guarantee healthy production throughout the year that fully satisfies the needs of consumers.

Fungorobica – Bulgaria

Production Base

The company’s production base is undergoing significant improvements, following an investment of 500,000 euros. In order to increase the quality of the production, modern chambers for shock freezing have been built. To increase productivity and energy efficiency, a nitrogen tunnel with a capacity of 10 tons per 24 hours has been put into operation. The installation of new photovoltaic systems contributed to the sustainability and reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint. Systematic staff training, including business trips to Italy for quality briefings, provides the necessary knowledge and skills to work with modern technologies and standards.

manufacturing base Fungorobica







Germany, Austria, Slovenia




Creation of Fungorobica as a Bulgarian- Italian company

Company establishment


With this expansion, the company aims to strengthen partnerships and develop new business opportunities in Romania, maintaining the high quality standards that distinguish it in the market.

Establishment of a new branch in Romania


The company makes a strategic decision to relocate from the town of Chepelare to the village of Trud, acquiring land and building new production base. This move is aimed at improving the company’s location and infrastructure for the convenience of our partners.

Relocation from Chepelare town to the village of Trud


In 2014, the company successfully completed the ISO 22000 certification process. From this moment the company meets international quality standards and is ready to provide products and services that meet the requirements of customers and legislation.

ISO 22000:2005 certification


In 2019, the firm announced the entry of a new partner into its team. This key moment is related to the strategic development and growth of the company. This highlights the importance of investment in the team and drive for innovation and success.

New partner in the firm


In 2020, the company becomes fully Bulgarian

Entirely Bulgarian company


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