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CANTHARELLUS CIBARIUS grows in spring, summer and autumn in deciduous and coniferous forests, bearing fruit in relatively drier weather. It is found in forest thickets, forest glades and in moss, but there are always live trees growing nearby, with which the fungus coexists through a mycorrhizal symbiosis. It is also found along forest roads, along deserted paths and along the drain of streams formed during rain after their drainage. It is characteristic of CANTHARELLUS CIBARIUS that the volume of its fruiting varies dramatically each year. It appears at the end of May in the low forest plains and gradually ascends to the high parts of the mountains until the end of summer. This mushroom is very popular because of the wonderful taste qualities it possesses. It is suitable for consumption in fresh and dried state and is present in many recipes of different national cuisines. Seasonality: May – September.

Available in fresh, frozen and dry state.


> Has an intense and characteristic taste, which is a mixture of spiciness and sweetness
> Pleasant and rich aroma
> It has a thick and meaty texture that makes it suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including roasting, cooking sauces and soups or making side dishes
> A source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as B vitamins, D and sodium
> A prized delicacy in culinary cuisine due to its taste, aroma and texture, it is a popular ingredient in various recipes


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