Fungorobica – Bulgaria


TUBER MESENTERICUM / FENICO is similar to Tuber uncinatum, and ripens in the same period as it. The interior is gray-brown, and their most characteristic feature is the pervasive smell of phenol or tar. This species is not common, but can be found under oak, birch, hazel and beech. It ripens from November to February and is widespread in Central and Southern Europe, including Bulgaria.


> An intense and pleasant aroma with earthy and spicy notes > Delicate and sweet taste, which is further enriched by the aroma m > Characteristic texture and taste qualities, which makes it preferred by gourmets and culinary experts > Although it is rarer than some other types of truffles, it is found in different regions of the world > It can be found at different times of the year, depending on the specific region and climatic conditions > It is characterized as a valuable delicacy

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