Fungorobica – Bugaria

Tuber Melanosporum

Tuber Melanosporum (prestigious black truffle), has a characteristic strong aroma, deeper than the aroma of the white truffle. It is externally covered with brown-black warts, sometimes with a reddish tinge at its base, and its interior is purple-black with white stripes. Black winter truffles are associated with the roots of oak and hazel trees in limestone terrain and ripen from mid-November to mid-March. It is rarely found in our country, as it prefers a warm climate to the Bulgarian one.


> Known for its strong, distinctive aroma that is intense and sweet, with hints of spice and oak > Offers an extremely rich and rich taste, which is considered one of the most valued in the culinary world > It can be used in a variety of dishes, adding nuances and depth of flavor > Although rarer than some other types of truffles, the black summer truffle is widespread enough to be found in certain regions of the world > It can be found in winter when it is most valued for its aroma and taste > Recognized as a symbol of luxury and refinement

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