Fungorobica – Bulgaria


TUBER MACROSPORUM has a reddish-brown to black exterior, with a rough surface formed by flat warts. Its core is pinkish-brown, layered with marbled light gray veins. Its aroma and taste are similar to those of Tuber Magnatum, making it valuable for gourmets. It occurs from October to December and is widespread in Central and Southern Europe, including Bulgaria.


> An intense and pleasant aroma with earthy and spicy notes
> Arich and rich taste that complements any dish to which it is added
> Tuber macrosporum is distinguished by its unique texture and taste qualities, which makes it a favorite of gourmets and culinary experts
> Although rarer than some other truffle species, Tuber macrosporum is found in various regions of the world
> Can be found at different times of the year
> Recognized as a symbol of luxury and refinement

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