Fungorobica – Bulgaria

Tuber Brumale

TUBER BRUMALE (black winter truffle) prefers moist and colder places. Its warts fall off easily when brushed, and its interior is gray with thicker white veins. It has a nutty aroma. It ripens from December to April. In Bulgaria, it is found in many regions such as Stara Planina, Sredna Gora, Rhodopes, Strandzha and others. The most suitable for its growth are mixed forests, including oak, hornbeam, hazel, walnut and other main tree species.


> Characteristic, intense aroma with earthy and spicy notes > Dense and rich flavor that is suitable for a variety of dishes, from pasta to meat and cheese > It can be used in a variety of dishes, adding nuances and depth of flavor > Can be found in winter > Recognized as one of the most valued and preferred types of truffles in the world

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