Fungorobica - Bulgaria

Tuber aestivum

Tuber aestivum has a warty coating on the outside and a beige core with veins of white marble. Its aroma is delicate, with a slight nutty nuance. With a low price and high availability throughout the year, this truffle is attractive for use in a variety of recipes. It ripens from May to September and is widely distributed in Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Romania and other countries. Individual specimens can be surprisingly large.


> It has an intense aroma that is comparable to that of more expensive types of truffles > Offers a rich and complex flavor that can enhance a variety of dishes > Can be found in summer and early fall when other types of truffles may not be available > It can be found in different types of soils and ecosystems, being more resistant to different conditions compared to other species > Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, potassium and magnesium > Typically more affordable than the rarer types of truffles, providing an opportunity to enjoy the aroma and flavor of truffles without the big expense

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