Fungorobica – Bulgaria


MORCHELLA HORTENSIS – is found in light deciduous and mixed forests, meadows, parks, grows in thickets and in grassy places along rivers and ravines, orchards in the spring from the end of March to the end of May (it is possible to meet it later, but on higher altitudes). The cap is ovoid, gray-yellowish to brownish in size about 6-12 × 4-8 cm. The stump is cylindrical and hollow, thickened at the base, measuring 3-8 × 1-3 cm. There are both individual specimens and whole colonies of the smurcula.

Available fresh, frozen and dry.


> A unique taste that is delicate, sweet and mildly spicy
> A unique texture that gives their dishes a special character and sensation when eating
> A pleasant and intense aroma that enriches any dish
> Known for its exceptional culinary performance and valued in gourmet cuisine
> Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, containing B vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium

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