Fungorobica – Bulgaria


LACTARIUS DELICIOUS grows on soil in coniferous forests and less often in deciduous forests that are mixed with or adjacent to coniferous forests. The first mushrooms appear in July. In October – November, when the growth ends, the harvest is the richest, especially in periods of clear sunny days, when the first frosts fall. The mushroom has high taste qualities and a pleasant aroma of fruits. It is consumed fresh for soups, dishes, fried and stewed. Not suitable for drying. It is orange-red to tile-red in color with darker, often greenish, concentric ring-shaped stripes. The surface is smooth and bare, slightly sticky in wet weather. The edge is thin, initially curled inward, later straightening. In older specimens slightly wavy.

Available fresh and frozen.


> A characteristic, spicy and aromatic taste that resembles a nut
> Pleasant and intense aroma
> Soft and gentle texture
> It is used in various culinary recipes and is suitable for preparing soups, sauces, pizzas, omelettes and other dishes
> Source of B vitamins, minerals such as iron, potassium and phosphorus

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