Fungorobica – Bulgaria


AMANITA CAESAREA is found in South-Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria. It is highly prized but relatively rare. It is found only in deciduous forests and likes drier and brighter places. It grows from the ground, most often near an oak tree. It is well known in our country and is collected for consumption. It is a very good and tasty edible mushroom. However, when collecting, care must be taken not to confuse it with the highly poisonous red fly agaric.

Available fresh, frozen and dry.


> It has an extremely delicious and aromatic taste that is delicate, sweet and spicy
> Attractive appearance with a bright orange or golden-orange color that makes them easily recognizable and attractive to serve
> They are used in various culinary recipes and are suitable for baking, cooking and frying
> It is considered one of the most valuable and desirable mushrooms due to its exceptional taste, attractive appearance and rarity

Can be found

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