Fungorobica – Bulgaria


TUBER MAGNATUM PICO is an extremely rare type of truffle that has not yet been successfully cultivated, making it the most expensive truffle. On the outside it is smooth with a pale ocher color and a velvety surface. Its interior is darker and reddish-brown, with fine white veins. The white truffle is very delicate and spoils in a few days. Its aroma is very volatile and therefore cannot be thermally processed. It ripens from the end of September to the end of December.


> An intense and complex aroma with earthy and spicy notes > Sophisticated and rich taste that is thick and spicy, with a strong and long-lasting aftertaste > Tuber borchii is distinguished by its white color and quality characteristics, making it one of the most preferred and sought after types of truffles > Although rarer than some other types of truffles, white truffles are found in various regions of the world > Can be found in winter and early spring, being especially appreciated in the colder months of the year > Recognized as a symbol of luxury and refinement, white truffles are known for their high price

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