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TRICHOLLOMA GAMBOSUM / TRICHOLOMA GIORGII – grows in deciduous forests, meadows and scrub, near forest streams. It often forms the so-called “savage circles”. As its name suggests, the mushroom is most often found in the month of May, but depending on the specific temperature conditions, it can be found from April to June. Due to the fact that it is one of the few edible mushrooms that grow in early spring, the May mushroom is actively collected by experienced mushroom pickers in this season and, because it has poisonous counterparts, it should not be collected in other seasons.

Available fresh, frozen and dry.


> TRICHOLLOMA GAMBOSUM has a delicate and delicate flavor that is often described as mild and sweet
> The texture is soft and fluffy, making it suitable for various types of cooking, including baking, cooking sauces and soups, or preparing side dishes
> It is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
> The mushroom has a wonderful appearance
> Low in calories and low in fat, making it suitable for people following a diet or leading a healthy lifestyle

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